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For those considering using Montgomery Homes for their new home build, I cannot express how at ease they kept us while they over performed by listening to us and took our ideas to reality. Randy used his graphic arts talent to a level that allowed us to fully see function and character on paper before any work was done, which allowed time for adjustments. Randy was the first home builder, and only, to point out that I consistently showed him examples of inset cabinet door designs for our woodwork in the three years we spent comparing builders. I mention this because it shows how attentive they were to the client’s preferences and vision.
When it came time for Bryan to bring his professional craftsmanship in, it wasn’t long before we realized just how blessed we were to have these guys finish our home. Bryan gets a special pat on the back because he takes what can be drawn on paper, looks great on paper, and turns it into tangible dreams. That’s not easy! And not once did he make a decision on his own. He consulted us in every step until completion.
We started out the hard way with a builder that turned into a nightmare, but finished with Montgomery Homes Inc and wished we would have known them from the start. They have all our gratitude, and I know they will do the same for you.

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